How it works

A live-streamed indoor cycling Challenge that changes children’s lives.


How it works 

1. Choose your Challenge

Choose when you would like to cycle, and set your target – time, distance, or even calories burned!

2. Collect sponsors

Create your JustGiving fundraising page and share it with your friends so they can sponsor you

3. Get cycling

Share your indoor cycle on Facebook or Instagram Live, so others can cheer you on and donate at the click of a button

4. Make a difference

The money you raise will help thousands of children in 36 countries worldwide

How it works 

Who are Family for Every Child?

We are a global alliance of 40 local civil society organisations who are working together to improve the lives of vulnerable children around the world.

We work in 36 countries, including the US, the UK, New Zealand, India, Nepal, the Philippines, Rwanda, Cambodia, Mexico, and many many more.

We rely on the support of people like you to protect those without a family of their own. Together, we can be there for the children fleeing war zones, the children in forced labour, the children without a home and the children who have been sexually abused. Together, we can make a difference.


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How can people donate?

You can set up a Fundraiser using Facebook Fundraisers or JustGiving. By sharing the link with your Challenge supporters, they will be able to donate online at the click of a button! Your Challenger pack will guide you through this easy process step-by-step.


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When and where will the challenge take place?

This is entirely up to you! You can complete your challenge in one epic marathon or connect and ride on several days to reach your goal, and it's a Challenge that you can do virtually from home.


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How far do I have to cycle?

As far as you want to! There is no minimum or maximum and you can personalise your own challenge. You could set a target of a number of hours you want to cycle, or a number of miles to cover, even the distance between two of your favourite landmarks.


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How will my personal information be used?

Our Terms and Conditions, on the Join the Challenge form, explain this in full.


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I’m cycling outside for my daily exercise. Does this count?

If you are able to cycle outside where you live, and can safely stream your ride, then by all means. We are happy if you’re keeping moving and connecting!


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What are the benefits of taking part?

Exercise and connecting with others is linked to positive benefits for your physical and mental health. Joining the challenge will help you to keep fit, improve your mood and be part of a community of likeminded people who are supporting children without a family.


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Can I run, row, jog or walk instead?

Yes! Although we originally created this idea for exercise bikes, we welcome any activity that you can safely broadcast live!


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1 challenge. 40 charities. Thousands of children.

We’re an Alliance of 40 small organisations that work with children around the world, and – like many of you – Coronavirus is putting us under huge strain.

Not only are we facing more demand for support, but we will have less money with which to provide it.

Together, we support children affected by many issues, including:

Children fleeing war zones

Children without adult care

Children who live on the street

Children in forced labour

Children who have been sexually abused